Strongside Marketing is pleased to present…

Catapult Construction

Catapult Constructionis a group activity that tests the creativity, the ingenuity, and the communication of your teams.

Your job is to design, engineer and build a catapult that will launch an egg; (no mess – don’t worry!). The activity can be judged by distance, or accuracy, or both.

After one hour of group discussion and construction, the finished catapults are taken to the start line and the competition begins. (Note: this event can be tailored to time - bamboo and bungies, or a more elaborate approach to construction (pvc piping, thicker wood).

We will provide a Master of Ceremonies and all the materials – you provide the brains, the communication, and the team work!

This is an event that allows for, and fosters the emergence of leadership and is ideal for mixing department members on different teams. Observation of the dialogue and engagement of team members is often a telling interaction related to the work place. It’s also fun, competitive and ends in a fully engaged group finale!

This is an indoor or outdoor event and is designed for groups from 10 – 80 and can be the perfect warm up to a company internal event / presentation.


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