Strongside Marketing is pleased to present…

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a one hour activity that is the perfect warm up to any company event. Its physical, (nothing too energetic!), its engaging, everyone is involved and the learning at the end of the event is very powerful.

Think of groups facing a challenge; each team must strategically develop a plan, determine a course of action, commit to it, and implement that plan as a team to succeed.

You can pit internal teams against one another, or mix your teams to encourage cross communication, the outcome and learning can be customized depending on your goals. Not to give it away, but the learning comes late in the activity; this is “silo busting” at its best.

The tie in, the theming and the naming of this activity can be completely customized to suit your company messaging, promotion, or initiative. We will provide a Master of Ceremonies and all the materials – you provide the brains, the communication, and the team work!

This activity is perfect as a lead into a presentation by Gerry Sandusky on team communication, team work and cross functional collaboration.

This is an indoor or outdoor event and is designed for groups from 10 – 80.


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